One Meth incident in any neighborhood, in any town, or in any county is too much to risk. Once Meth takes root it begins preying not only on users, but on neighbors and community resources as well. Meth has the violent propensity to destroy lives, literally level homes, and pollute natural resources. If we all work together to reject Meth in our cities, towns, and lives we can save our kids and our communities.

Go to: to find a coalition in your area.


The list of agencies and organizations below may be able to provide you with further information about Meth, use, abuse, and production.


Any single activity may or may not be proof that Meth dealing or manufacturing is going on in your area. However, a combination of the following indicators may be valid cause for concern:
  • Unusual, strong odors (like ether, ammonia, acetone or other chemicals)
  • Houses or buildings with windows blackened or curtains always drawn
  • Frequent visitors to a home, building, or area at all times of the day and night
  • Occupants of a home appear underemployed yet have money or pay bills with cash
  • Garbage contains numerous bottles, containers, stained bed sheets or coffee filters
  • Open windows vented with fans, even during the winter
  • Extensive security measures or efforts to ensure privacy
  • Lantern fuel cans, red-stained coffee filters, glassware with rubber tubing attached, drain cleaner and duct tape
  • Unusual numbers of clear glass containers in the trash